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Phage Therapy for Treatment of Skin Acne


Step into the mesmerizing world of the human microbiome, a bustling metropolis of microorganisms...
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Beginners’ guide: How to Successfully Purify Your First “Phage”

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Welcome back to the captivating world of bacteriophages, those tiny heroes that hold the power to combat bacterial foes. Today, we embark...
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Preserving the Magic: How to Properly Store Your Phages in the Lab

BACTERIOPHAGES, Starter package, Techniques

Congratulations on successfully isolating and purifying your bacteriophages! Now, as you embark on the next phase of your phage journey, it...
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Sewage sample processing for bacteriophage isolation

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In our previously published article focusing on sewage sample collection, we explored the presence...
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Sewage Sample Collection for Bacteriophage Isolation


Sewage presents an ideal environment for bacteriophages to thrive, primarily because it contains abundant bacteria, serving as a plentiful...
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Virulent Phage: Nature’s Ultimate Bacteria Assassin


In the world of microorganisms, where bacteria and viruses wage constant battles for survival, an unsung hero arises the virulent phage....
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What is the Bacteriophage: An In-depth Exploration of Nature’s Viral Assassins


In the intricate world of microbiology, where battles for survival are fought at microscopic...
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Scientists Uncover the Mechanism: Bacterial Protein Revealed to be Key Player in Phage Infection and Resistance


Antibacterial resistance has led to the development of alternative treatments for bacterial infections, including the use of...
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UK’s First Phage Library Set to Fast-Track Bacteria-Killing Virus Treatments, Says University of Leicester Researcher


According to a recent article by The Guardian, one of the UK’s leading scientists, Prof Martha Clokie, has highlighted the need to...
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