List of Free Online Tools for Microbiologists and Scientists

Online tools are a crucial resource for microbiologists and other scientists, providing access to data, databases, and software for analyzing, simplifying hard/tedious tasks, and interpreting results.

List of online tools offered by The phage (some are still under construction)

  • PFU calculator
  • Plaque counter
  • DNA translate
  • Reverse transcription tool
  • DNA to RNA tool
  • RNA to DNA tool
  • Reagent preparation tool (give you the exact volume and mass of individual components)
  • MOI calculator
  • Phage taxonomy ranking tool
  • One-step growth curve plotting tool (Give the burst size and latent period)

Here's a list of popular online tools that might be useful for microbiologists and other scientists:

  1. BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) - a tool for comparing a sequence with a database of sequences.
  2. UniProt - a database of protein sequence and functional information.
  3. GeneBank - a database of genetic sequences and information.
  4. PubMed Central - a digital archive of life sciences journal literature.
  5. NCBI Taxonomy Browser - a tool for exploring the taxonomic hierarchy of organisms.
  6. UCSC Genome Browser - a graphical interface for exploring and analyzing genomic data.
  7. EMBL-EBI InterPro - a database of protein families, domains, and functional sites.
  8. STRING - a database of protein-protein interactions.
  9. PhyloT - a web-based tool for creating and visualizing phylogenetic trees.
  10. Chimera - a program for visualizing molecular structures and trajectories.