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Bacteriophages as Viral Warriors Against Microbial Infections


In recent years, the field of microbiology and medical science has witnessed a resurgence of...
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Beginners’ guide: How to Successfully Purify Your First “Phage”

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Welcome back to the captivating world of bacteriophages, those tiny heroes that hold the power to combat bacterial foes. Today, we embark...
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Factors Affecting Bacteriophage Survival in the Environment

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Have you ever wondered about the intricate battles taking place at the microscopic level, where viruses called bacteriophages wage war on...
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Essential Equipment for Your Phage Laboratory

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Venturing into the realm of phage research opens up a world of microscopic wonders. To embark on...
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Unveiling the Hidden World of Bacteriophages: Your Guide to Successfully Isolate Your First “Phage”

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Welcome to the fascinating realm of bacteriophages, also known as “phages”! These incredible microscopic entities are like...
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Sewage sample processing for bacteriophage isolation

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In our previously published article focusing on sewage sample collection, we explored the presence of bacteriophages in the environment....
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Sewage Sample Collection for Bacteriophage Isolation


Sewage presents an ideal environment for bacteriophages to thrive, primarily because it contains...
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Breakthrough in Genetic Medicine: Scientists Develop New Artificial Viral Vectors for Targeted Gene Delivery


Scientists have made an exciting discovery in a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications. They have found a new way to...
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Bacteria’s Phage Tail-Like Nanostructures: Guardians Against Osmotic Stress


In the world of bacteria, a remarkable discovery has been made that unveils the hidden powers of phage tail-like nanostructures called...
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Unveiling the UK Public’s Rising Acceptance of Phage Therapy: Insights from a New Study


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become a global crisis, posing a threat to human health as...
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