Common media used in phage work

microbiological Media

List of the media used

  1. Luria broth (LB): tryptone 10 g l−1 (HiMedia, Mumbai, India), yeast extract5 g l−1 (HiMedia, Mumbai, India), and sodium chloride 10 g l−1 adjust at pH 7.2.
  2. Luria-agar (LA) consisted of the above with the addition of 14 g l−1 agar(HiMedia, Mumbai, India) use for culture maintenance. (click here to read about the preparation of Luria Bertani Agar)
  3. Bacterial dilutions from 18 h LB cultures grown at 37 °C to be carried out in phosphate-buffered saline (Click here for preparation of PBS).
  4. Top layer agar: Prepare LB with Lambda buffer supplemented with 4 g l−1 agar bacteriology.

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