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The Phage accepts articles of interest to a phage technology (therapy) audience from outside authors. The content should serve a purpose and be useful to our audience of phage technologies. Authors should choose topics relevant to the site, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Medical writing and communications
  • Non-clinical careers & entrepreneurship for healthcare professionals
  • Medical education
  • Your own clinical/research experience 
All submissions should be original work and not already published elsewhere. As the author, you retain the copyright and responsibility for ensuring your submission is free of plagiarized material.
However, by submitting your work to us, you are agreeing to allow us to make necessary editorial changes and to share and publish on other platforms (such as social media). Though we do promise not to change the substance of your message without your permission. 
send us your topic name and website if you have and you will get a reply if your topic is eligible with the aim of this website. Contact us here